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To Chris Marker, an Unsent Letter2012

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  • 3.9
TO CHRIS MARKER, AN UNSENT LETTER is a cinematic love letter to Chris Marker, the notoriously private filmmaker and artist and self-described "best known author of unknown works." Directed by Emmy-award winning cinematographer and filmmaker Emiko Omori, the film is a contemplative essay whose form is inspired by Marker's signature style. Alongside Omori's thoughts and recollections of the filmmaker, and her examinations of some of his key works, the film incorporates interviews with Marker associates and admirers including film critic David Thomson, film programmers Tom Luddy and Peter Scarlet, filmmakers Marina Goldovskaya and Michael H. Shamberg, 12 MONKEYS screenwriters Janet and David Peoples, computer scientist Dirk Kuhlmann and many others. Their warm reflections join Omori's to examine the legacy of a filmmaker as beloved as he was enigmatic.

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Affectionate portrait of a mystery man who holds keys to so much of what cinema could offer. We get our impression of him through the colleagues with whom he collaborated. I've got to go see La Jetée, again.