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also known as Der Tiger Akbar

Tiger's Claw1951

  • 3.5
Akbar’s angry. But it is not the iron bars of his cage that has rattled him. It is the manhandling his fair-haired trainer is getting from some new guy. Tiger love goes both ways in this late Harry Piel film set in the circus, with the blonde and perky Friedl Hardt refusing to put Akbar down even as he bares his teeth in a pique of animalistic jealousy when she gets engaged. The competition is filmmaker, actor, stuntman, daredevil and showman Harry Piel, whose silent-era detective serials and adventure films were consistently ranked number one by German moviegoers for their death-defying stunts and impressive explosions. But the war took its toll (most of Piel’s films are believed lost to WWII’s bombs) and, after serving six months in prison for being a Nazi collaborator, TIGER’S CLAW was Piel’s comeback. No longer nimble enough for stunts and rather long in the tooth to be a lover, he seems to be bidding farewell to his own prime, refusing, like Akbar, to go quietly. - Shari Kizirian [Unfortunately, TIGER'S CLAW is presently only available with an English-dubbed dialogue track. Dubbing is generally avoided whenever possible (though not an option in this particular instance).]

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Member Reviews (1)

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top reviewer

Wonderful circus act scenes. And all of the human emotions present intertwined with magnificent

animals, particular the almost otherworldly tigers. One is reminded of how near our emotional makeup

is to that of a significant portion of, in particular, the greater Mammal world. Interesting, was the absence of a doctor to tend her injuries. For me that made a melodrama of that short portion. The ending was quite amazing. The shared grief of these two adversaries, and how often is it not loss

which heals differences. It was really the splendid tiger who transitioned more quickly to grief.