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Ticket to Jerusalem2002

  • 4.0
Writer/director Rashid Masharawi's inspired hybrid of documentary and fiction begins in a refugee camp near Ramallah. Jabir runs a mobile cinema from his old truck throughout the West Bank while his wife works to bring emergency medical care to Palestinians. Both navigate endless checkpoints and other obstacles by looking for creative solutions. When Jabir is invited by a spirited schoolteacher to present an open-air screening in the old city of Jerusalem, he becomes obsessed with the idea of this pilgrimage and begins to investigate the possibilities.

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Member Reviews (2)

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top reviewer

An effective portrayal of the occupation to the point of upsetting me as I observed. In particular

settlers with their seemingly self righteous attitude, ejecting long time citizens from their homes.

I liked the documentary feel to the film, which for me enhanced it's validity. The acting was solid throughout, and the welcoming disposition of the Palestinians matched that of those whom I have

known in the United States.

Engaging with likable characters. Does not take on the brutal Occupation by Israel, focuses instead on coping, sometimes with humor ,with the everyday obstacles.

Director Rashid Masharawi was born in Gaza in 1962.