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also known as Trois couleurs: Bleu

Three Colors: Blue1993

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  • 4.5
In the devastating first film of the THREE COLORS trilogy, Juliette Binoche gives a tour de force performance as Julie, a woman reeling from the tragic death of her husband and young daughter. But BLUE is more than just a blistering study of grief; it's also a tale of liberation, as Julie attempts to free herself from the past while confronting truths about the life of her late husband, a composer. Shot in sapphire tones by Sławomir Idziak, and set to an extraordinary operatic score by Zbigniew Preisner, BLUE is an overwhelming sensory experience.
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Member Reviews (5)

top reviewer

From the first frames and sounds, the director takes dazzling control of your eyes and ears. The acting is superb: even Juliette Binoche's hair acts! In the cat's cameo, the cats acts! A woman's film made by a man.

top reviewer

Superb film making! Juliette Binoche draws you in so that you feel you are living her life with her. This never needs grandeur nor hysteria much less mayhem to exhibit it's love for cinema and for you.

top reviewer

love is the greatest gift_a beautiful film_Juliette is wonderful and just beautiful in this_a few doubtful moments but totally great all in all_the music is wonderful_ & love is all there is..........

Juliette Binoche’s triumph in a multi-layered, modern masterpiece that continues to inspire and intrigue . . . The film continues to astonish no matter how many times I've seen it. Bottom line takeaway: a visual poem about the brutality, sensuality and – yes – the empowerment of Loss, from the shattering guilt of survival to the anger of abandonment and the bitterness of betrayal. And in the truest sense, it’s about what’s left in the ashes that may just rise up, newly and strangely formed yet stronger than before, unified and intact much like the music which would not be ignored.

My favorite of the Three Colors Trilogy and the film that triggered my reverence of Juliette Binoche. The special features of the Criterion Blu-ray set are exceptional companions to all three of these films. Highly recommended.