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also known as Wo Sui Si Qu | Though I Was Dead

Though I am Gone2007

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  • 4.4
In 1966, the Cultural Revolution exploded throughout China as Mao’s Red Guards persecuted suspected Rightists. Bian Zhongyun, the vice principal of a prestigious school in Beijing, became one of the first victims of the revolutionary violence that would engulf the entire nation when she was beaten to death by her own students. In THOUGH I AM GONE, pioneering filmmaker Hu Jie draws upon photographs taken by Bian’s husband, Wang Jingyao, whose impulse to document his wife’s death makes him a spiritual forebear to Hu’s fearless work. Hu also incorporates vivid accounts from surviving witnesses and archival footage to depict the deadly madness of the era.


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top reviewer

A true heartbreaker of a film, and a welcome first-hand account of the full impact of Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution.

Frightening documentary showing how easily it is for those in power to manipulate and instigate a population to violence and extremism under the guise of rooting out evil, being a patriot or proving oneself as a loyal member of society. The question to answer is under similar circumstances would we want to be a good human being or a good citizen?