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Those Awful Hats1909

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  • 3.9
An early, unusual "gimmick" film by D. W. Griffith addressing a common complaint of the era: "Please, madam, remove your hat in the cinema."


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Member Reviews (5)

Very cute. The more things change, the more they stay the same. As other reviewers have said, just substitute glowing, beeping cellphones for giant hats. In case you thought we had nothing in common with our ancestors from a century ago, let this clip assure you we have always (and likely will always) use humour and exaggeration as means to vent and complain.

Couldn't help but chuckle as each hat got more and more egregious! And the giant claw makes an appearance!


Very funny. Super-imposition! Special effects. Very nice look into early silent comedy and pre-Birth Griffith.

Wow, it's the moral equivalent of the shorts at the modern cinema asking you to silence your cell phone! This is brilliant! And funny! And very interesting to see the fashions of another era in a spoof context.