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This is John2003

  • 3.4
A curiously young Mark Duplass plays John Ashford, a man with an answering machine and no messages. He figures his outgoing message is to blame so he starts recording a better one. A savvier, sexier, more confident representation of John. That kind of pressure could kill a man. - Sara Maria Vizcarrondo

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"…a short masterpiece made for the price of a tape about a man who struggles to leave the perfect outgoing message on his answering machine." - Liz Cole, Shooting People

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To bring a man to tears... True stuff of legendary.

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I thought this was an interesting idea and concept, but could/should have gone further. I was expecting more and a little bit disappointed. We have all been in that circumstance of creating the perfect phone message. Not to discredit the actor but maybe replaying the messages back so he hears them and how different his voice sounds and the reactions to that.

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To bring a man to tears... True stuff of legendary.

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What a cheek! I would love to see someone do this with their smartphone, it would be endless!

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Introspective. Powerful. Funny and sad. Real.

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Well acted. But silly premise.

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Concise. So much in a 7 minute film with no real plot or action. I love this movie.

Brief but very well acted. Well done!

Worth a watch. Good example of what can happen in a cinematic 7 minutes.

Sad and interesting

Nice depiction of how social media makes us lonelier.


All Duplass, all the time! I can't get enough. (x)>

I hate WILEYKOEPP's patchouli review.

By the end of this movie I was laughing pretty hard.

Good stuff

senseless movie

good short