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This American Gothic2008

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  • 3.6
THIS AMERICAN GOTHIC is a history of one of the most famous paintings in the world and a quirky portrait of Eldon, Iowa, population 998 and site of the house that inspired it. The film follows four local women over two years as they work towards their dream of a Gothic House Visitor Center to attract tourists and save their fading rural community. On the single main street through town, yellow banners commemorating the Gothic House flap proudly in the wind but the one restaurant in Eldon, Jones' Gothic Room, stands shuttered and closed. THIS AMERICAN GOTHIC explores the poignant irony of a rural America abandoned to economic hardship trying to rebuild itself through tourism that glorifies a happier, if largely imaginary, country past.

Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

A nice documentary, and a reflection of Midwestern Americana.

it aimed to be tolerable and succeeded

A compelling story about the power of cultural objects.