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  • 4.1
Struggling to survive in Iraq in December 2003, the dark days after the American invasion, Mehdi, a humble goatherder, lives a solitary life in the hills outside Tikrit. One morning, a grizzled stranger arrives at Mehdi's isolated hut, armed with an AK-47 and looking for food. As the haggard man sits down to eat, Mehdi suddenly realizes the two men have met before.

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In a land so hard and inhospitable, trusting, and relying on others is everything. In this story, morality and betrayal come full circle, and a reunion confirms for Mehdi, what he is truly made of. And as further surprise to the viewer, he goes down as a hero in history.

This short chiller about an encounter with Saddam Hussein at the beginning and end of his career rises to the level of parable about revenge. But for me, equally fascinating is the warmth of family life amidst the forbidding barrenness of the Iraqi landscape and the stark simplicity of the goatherd's home.