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There Goes My Heart2007

  • 3.6
In THERE GOES MY HEART, we enter the first home for elderly drug addicts in the Netherlands. These four men and three women have done hard drugs for over forty years. The home provides them with a room and free drugs. Each addict has lost something significant: the love of their life, contact with friends and family but mainly, they've lost touch with their own feelings. This story portrays their helpless attachment to the illusion that one day their lives will improve.

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top reviewer

A gentle reminder in this film, of why documentaries can be so potent. To see the tragic stories unfold in the telling of their lives. It's an intimate space. They somehow step in and out of their respective past, and then come together in the now -- this home they all share during the moments in this film. It's so complex and confusing to see the addiction as a force above and beyond all the love and pain, and watch as it takes over a life.