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The Wooden Calf2012

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  • 3.0
In a 2014 artist statement, Kevin Jerome Everson wrote, "The main thing I like doing is filming people of African descent, black folks, who are really good at what they do... engaged in something that is an internal language." Indeed, blink and you might miss this cowboy's lightning-quick way with a lasso. He shows his stuff in an impressionistic montage, flashing a winning grin. - Max Goldberg

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top reviewer

This could be genuinely interesting with natural sound. Filming it silent I think undermines some of the artist's goals. I suppose one could argue that filming without sound forces a pure visual focus on the actions of the subject, but I find the utter lack of sound almost distracting.

I'll trudge on, hoping to see something enlightening from a wonderfully financially supported artist. But this is no more interesting to me than a suburban parent filming his nine year old practicing his fastball or his daughter doing a dance move over and over. Pathetic, certainly not A-G.