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The Woman Eater1957

  • 3.1
Dr. James Moran (George Coulouris) returns from the Amazon jungles with a sacred tribal tree that can produce a sap which will reportedly restore life to the dead. Unfortunately, the tree can only live and grow by devouring beautiful young women! After sacrificing several lovely victims to the plant, Dr. Moran is prepared to begin his experiments. But his native helper Tanga (Jimmy Vaughan) threatens to spoil things by lavishing unwanted attentions on Moran's young housekeeper, Sally (Vera Day). Will Dr. Moran complete his experiments before the police learn of his murderous activities? And what will be Sally's fate once she learns the secret of the mysterious plant growing in the corner of the deranged scientist's laboratory?

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Member Reviews (2)

I selfishly gave this botanical nightmare a 3 Star rating solely based on my enjoyment of these type films. A true film critic might give it 1 Star on a stretch! Atmospheric but with a pitiful tree-monster that eats beautiful young girls (how many mangy dogs had to die to make this tree?). There is a mad doctor (isn't there always?) played by character actor George Coulouris who must really have talent to be able to deliver his lines seriously! His assistant, Tanga, is a grinning, wild eyed native that beats his drum and whips the tree-monster into a frenzy whilst it awaits it's beautiful young girl snack...Tanga seems to be enjoying himself a little too much! Over all it is pretty much what you would expect from the title, preview and synopsis...but I like it!

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good movie and buffeting is getting a little better this the horror flicks and scenes were good to watch