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also known as Los viajes del viento

The Wind Journeys2009

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  • 4.3
"This is the story of a journey," begins Columbian director Ciro Guerra when asked to describe this gorgeous feature, a musical road trip across his country’s remarkable, sadly unknown natural beauty. "For centuries we've asked ourselves: what keeps us apart? Now is time to ask what brings us together." Ignacio is an elderly musician, traveling across the villages and mountains of northern Columbia playing his accordion, which (according to superstition) is said to have belonged to the devil. When his wife passes away, Ignacio takes a final trip to return the accordion to its rightful owner, kept company by the restless Fermin, a young teenage fan who wants to learn the magic and mystery of music. Through cloud-capped mountains, parched deserts and teeming forests, the two discover what life and their country has to offer. Tired, lonely and holding onto a sorrow he cannot name, Ignacio has had enough of the migrant life of the musician. But for Fermin, such a life still holds its allure (even if, in one of the film’s many honest touches, he barely possesses any actual talent). From the spectacular natural grandeur of the landscapes to the region's wondrous myths and legends, from accordion battles to other musical delights, THE WIND JOURNEYS offers far more than a tale of two men on the same paths but with different destinations. Infused with a dreamy sense of mysticism and a deep respect for its characters, visions, and nation, THE WIND JOURNEYS is awash with the spirits, music and culture of Columbia. - Jason Sanders

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"[A] simple, bittersweet tale of regret and companionship..." - Justin Chang, Variety

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Fantastic. Loved the BBoy-style accordion duel.

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Fantastic. Loved the BBoy-style accordion duel.

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Expansive Visuals and sounds.

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Human reality, hopes, dreams, past regrets, courage, honor, shame, class, position, loneliness, faith, traditions, ritual, acknowledgement , search, surrender, fate.

always fun to see the familiar trek toward the known, unknown.