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also known as La grande strada azzurra

The Wide Blue Road1957

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  • 3.7
The remarkable debut feature directed by Gillo Pontecorvo, famed for THE BATTLE OF ALGIERS and BURN!, in a beautiful, newly restored version thanks to the efforts of Jonathan Demme, Dustin Hoffman and Milestone Film. Set in a fishing village off Italy's Dalmatian coast, under a brilliant, turquoise sky, Yves Montand plays Squarcio, a rogue fisherman who manages to feed his family (his wife played by the exquisite Alida Valli) by tossing bombs into the water to kill the maximum number of fish. When a new chief of police puts Squarcio's illegal and dangerous exploits under closer scrutiny, his livelihood is threatened. Montand's unforgettable, complex character is part working-class hero, part macho-cowboy, part 1950's sex symbol at sea.
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top reviewer

Nice example of Italian social realism, a bit flakey by the standards of Battle of Algiers and Burn, but a nice 'ordinary people' with flaws and strengths. The young children actors were great.

Beautifully acted (even the young actors were amazing!), dramatic and suspenseful! It is also a story about fishing I had never known before; I thought fisherman always used nets.