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The Whole Shootin' Match1978

  • 4.2
Eagle Pennell's first feature, THE WHOLE SHOOTIN' MATCH is a droll ballad about two dreamers chasing one "get rich quick" scheme after another (from flying squirrel farms to magic mops). The film follows our heroes until they finally get their dream-come-true and their comeuppance with a heavy dose of reality. The film was co-written and co-produced with Lin Sutherland and, between them, Lin and Eagle and their cast, Sonny Carl Davis, Lou Perryman and Doris Hargrave, weave a slice-of-life that is true Texas and a cowboy hippie scene that was particular to Austin at the time. The film would seem to have been conjured up out of thin air if you don't know about the vibrant Austin film scene at the time that had been kickstarted by Tobe Hooper back in the late 60s. (Lou, soundman Wayne Bell and others had worked on Tobe’s Eggshells and Texas Chainsaw Massacre). It sure took Robert Redford by surpirise when he saw THE WHOLE SHOOTIN' MATCH at the then U.S. Film Festival in Utah and was so startled by it that, according to Variety, he decided then and there to launch the Sundance Insitute. No surprise. SHOOTIN' MATCH is wry, wise and brave. This restoration to 2K by Louis Black and Mark Rance is from the only known existing print and features a completely restored soundtrack rebuilt from the original production tapes. THE WHOLE SHOOTIN' MATCH was a lost classic of American Independent filmmaking. When Roger Ebert saw the restoration in 2006, he wrote: "THE WHOLE SHOOTIN' MATCH is priceless. I rated it at three stars on its first release. What was I waiting for? Do I ever change a rating. Hell, yes. I'd give it four today, and you'll see why."

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Very cool low budge 16mm film, made with small crew, and handful of people.

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Very cool low budge 16mm film, made with small crew, and handful of people.

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A well-crafted film, but am I the only one who finds the lives of these redneck losers to be tedious?

Loved it