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The War Game1962

  • 3.6
Two grade-school-aged boys play with cap guns in an apartment complex. As their fun gets increasingly rough, one of the "toys" turns out to look suspiciously like a real revolver and the "game" grows increasingly dangerous. This visually accomplished meditation on violence, sans any spoken dialogue (though its creator spoke several languages) was the first directorial effort for Mai Zetterling, a popular film and TV actress throughout Europe in the 1940s and 1950s. Its international acclaim (including a Golden Lion at Venice) led to feature projects, several made in collaboration with her then-husband, British writer David Hughes. Some were quite controversial for the mid-1960s: LOVING COUPLES and NIGHT GAMES were important titles in their decade's progress toward sexual frankness onscreen, while 1982's SCRUBBERS was a tough, non-exploitative drama set in a U.K. girls' juvenile lockup. - Dennis Harvey

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Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

filmed really well_i always get nervous when kids might be hurt

top reviewer

Interesting, if a touch obvious; seems more appropriate for the 21st century United States than Britain in the 60s.

Very simple short film - hard to say just where it gets its power from but it does have some. Worth the 14 minutes of your time.