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The Visible Compendium1990

  • 3.6
THE VISIBLE COMPENDIUM constructs bits of unnamed meanings, fragments of light. Photography is, to me, not about things, but about light. Light is our primary reality when we are at the movies. Light which suggests things, the secondary reality, a construct by the mind. THE VISIBLE COMPENDIUM attempts to engage the mind, and particularly what is unknown in the mind, rather than what has been seen and known a thousand times over. THE VISIBLE COMPENDIUM reaches farther than any of my other animations. It goes off in many directions, held together, hopefully, by the soundtrack, which itself goes off in a number of directions: strange sounds, some recognizable, others not. Some music. No voices, no silence. This is intentional. The film is a compendium, as indicated in the title. A catalog of visible possible experiences, some at normal time, some speeded up or slowed down, some continuous, others broken up. - Lawrence Jordan

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Like an animated Max Ernst book without the Surrealist captions.

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Like an animated Max Ernst book without the Surrealist captions.

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It is as if

Monty Python and Salvador Dali have a pictorial romp . No words are exchanged just visual free for all with background sounds.

wonderfully strange and weird. like very much