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The Virile Man2004

  • 3.6
Real men hide in the closet to talk their problems over with telephone psychics. David Zellner wrote and stars in this shrewdly calibrated portrayal of the male ego.

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1 member likes this review
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top reviewer

anal sex=gay usually desperate man reaching out,interesting,did not enjoy this film i believe this caller is not telling the truth

top reviewer

This film was produced a while ago, sure, but, the concepts presented here are very current. We take a short but deep look at ourselves here. Enjoy!

top reviewer

Very well done. Often a reflection of one of life's little realities. Worth watching.

Strange focus on review of ones life and the credit that one gives oneself is a reality of value, interesting short movie'

in the closet/daughter catches him? tell mommie? brother/ will it happen again/ I think so.

Sadly funny & true.