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The Vanity Tables of Douglas Sirk2014

  • 4.1
A video essay exploring the frequency and meaning of that particular prop in a wide variety of Sirk movies. Is it a device that traps and keeps women in an artificial world with a limited point of view? Or is it a gateway to the past and the future, and a distorted but nevertheless real vision of the roles that woman are forced to play in society? It's an exploration of the texts and subtexts of commercial films and the subterranean and complicated ways that they affect us and can be read.

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What a sweet little documentary. It packed a ton of information into just 11 minutes. I love Douglas Sirk's mastery of metaphor.

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What a sweet little documentary. It packed a ton of information into just 11 minutes. I love Douglas Sirk's mastery of metaphor.

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Amazing what a 10 minute film can tell.

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Brilliant and playful. I loved this short doc. Made me want to see all of Sirk's films all over again!

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Sometimes it's hard to know if Mark Rappaport is being serious, ironic or just unintentionally goofy. He delivers some interesting ideas and explores them with emotional investment. He also seems to fail off track in his thesis, but I think he does so with intention. In the end, it really doesn't matter -- this short documentary was totally entertaining. It also makes me want to seek out a few more Sirk titles.

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Thoughtful and fascinating example of why Sirk’s movies are not the simplistic soap operas they were regarded as being when they were made. Though, honestly, the clips are so beautiful and interestingly composed that I was far more focused on them than the narrative. I hope his movies come to Fandor soon.

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Perceptive and "reflective" essay. Does this mean Fandor will be bringing some of Sirk's films to us soon? A great favorite of Fassbinder.

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Douglas Sirk was a master of the Hollywood love stories between beautiful people and the problems they faced. You must watch "Far From Heaven" which is basically an homage to Sirk!

Wonderful, short, concise film essay. Fassbinder would have appreciated it.

A short but intriguing essay that brought out an aspect of Sirk I hadn't noticed, despite my despite my sense of having watched the available films, several times each, very carefully. There's always more to see.

Now if only fandor could get access to some of his less available films..

It was OK, but not very conclusive that he had a thing for them since they are common in a lot of the genre flicks he and others make.

Completely entertaining.

cool for cats