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The Vanishing City2009

  • 4.0
Global trends in major cities around the world have changed rapidly in the last several decades. These trends are perhaps best exemplified in the city of New York. Told through the eyes of city planners, developers, politicians, small business owners, landlords and tenants, the recent development boom in New York City is analyzed.

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Member Reviews (4)


I lived in the Pelham Parkway area of the Bronx during the late 1980s and, after several years back in my native New England, I moved to the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn, where would keep a coop home there until 2003. I now live in Philadelphia. Whenever I visit NYC, I am astonished by the sweeping changes that are now adversely affecting that city's urban character. Most of my favorite mom and pop shops are now gone, now replaced by chains such as Duane Reade drug stores and 'national banks'. Sunset Park in Brooklyn, safe working class district, is being gentrified. What will happen to NYC as it loses its more ordinary people? This film looks at the lives of these ordinary people that are being affected by these changes. It is not to be missed.

One sided but very enlightening.

This one was a good eye-opener to the destruction of NYC's character. I would have liked to see a bit more about NY history, the art, the music, and why there will never again be another Gershwin, Breakfast At Tiffany's or CBGB's coming out of NY, the way it's going.