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The Truth Behind the Ape-Man1906

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  • 3.5
Perhaps you're familiar with lycanthropy? More commonly known as a "werewolf" (a man that becomes a wolf), lycanthropes are a type of therianthrope. In this silent short from the early 1900s, we learn the truth about a man that becomes an ape. Evolution in reverse? Naturally, unexpected adjustments occur as "normal" folks adapt to the ape-man and vice versa.



Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

Odd little comedy by one of the pre-eminent women directors of the silent era. Some erosion near the beginning but considering it's age, it is incredibly sharp.

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top reviewer

I may have missed the moral of this film, but I think this is why they now put the “for external use only” label on the bottle of Rogaine!

Cute storytelling by a compelling film pioneer