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also known as Veillées d'armes

The Troubles We've Seen1994

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  • 3.8
One of the most important films of Marcel Ophuls' career has also been the least seen until now. Shot primarily in Sarajevo in 1993, during the siege of the former Yugoslavian city, THE TROUBLES WE'VE SEEN is an exploration of the ethical challenges of war reporting, in which Ophuls examines attitudes toward war in the Western media, and in the societies they inform. It interlaces stark realities of combat with mordantly hilarious references to Hollywood fantasy-versions of war, and includes over fifty interviews with some of the world's leading journalists, commentators, historians, newscasters and others. With Iraq, Afghanistan and terrorism on the nightly news, the questions Ophuls poses about the role of media in war have become dinner-table conversation in America. Every scene in this film is as timely and provocative as it was a decade ago.
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