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The Trap2007

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  • 4.2
Post-Milosevic Belgrade is the capital of a nation struggling to find its soul, of a country whose turbulence has left many in a moral and existential desert. This is the home of Mladen, his wife Marija and their son Nemanja. When Nemanja develops a serious heart condition, the doctors urge an expensive operation abroad. Just when the boy's parents give up hope of raising the money, a man contacts Mladen and offers to pay the whole amount; in exchange, he must kill the man's business rival. The proposal repulses Mladen, but as his son's condition suddenly deteriorates, he begins to seriously consider the offer. If he accepts, he saves his boy's life but loses his soul; if he refuses, he will grieve as a righteous man until the end of his life. THE TRAP is set...

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Very well shot film. Story is taut and well-written. Characters are absolutely memorable and moving. The movie draws you deep into the misery and desperation these people face and never lets you go or give you a feel-good ending. Tough watch but totally worth it!

A remarkable film which takes a familiar noir framework and executes it perfectly. Nebojša Glogovac leads a great cast with a performance of great depth and humanity that elevates good material into a great film. I think this is a film that benefits from going in blind so I don't want to summarize the plot, but this film uses a class analysis of contemporary Belgrade to great effect and in a number of effective ways. A film about the human heart in conflict with itself; full of guilt, shame, resentment, and a few moments of the bitterest black comedy. A real movie.