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The Tin Hoss1925

A neighborhood kids' club stretching across races and classes (but no girls allowed) hears "President" Denny's summoning bell and tumbles into the top-secret clubhouse for their latest round of (mis-)adventures. This time they get into hot water including Plaster of Paris ingestion, invading females and the attempted rehabilitation of a broken down old jalopy. Eventually they stir such havoc that the police, not to mention a lot of angry mothers, come a-running. Begun in 1922, Hal Roach's "Our Gang" comedies, featuring multiracial children's antics, were such a hit that they inspired blatant imitations from other producers. This was the last of several such "Hey Fellas!" two-reelers created by fledgling First Division Pictures, which would soon turn from producing movies to distributing them regionally (primarily western and exploitation movies) for another decade. - Dennis Harvey

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