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The Tattooed Lady of Riverview1967

  • 3.2
The once teeming Riverview Park was shut down in 1967 (with Tom Palazzolo on hand to document the bitter end). THE TATTOOED LADY OF RIVERVIEW is a portrait of its final occupant, Jean Furella, the titular tattooed lady of Riverview's sideshow. Furella first tells how she used to work at the sideshow as a bearded lady but fell in love with a man who asked her to shave. Then gives her carnival barker's spiel one more time for the camera. Quick cuts between frenetic shots of Riverview Park, in use and full of life, and later images of its demolition-in-progress lend to the carnival atmosphere of this early Palazzolo film. - Tom Fritsche

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Member Reviews (7)

top reviewer

Great piece. Really brings back the feel of the early fun parks and freak shows. Its quite a statement on society that the tattooed lady was considered a freak in 1967...but in 2014 she would fit right in with the culture.

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top reviewer

If you like freak shows, you might enjoy this montage of sights from the old fashioned carnival. The bare bones story, which could be interesting, is interspersed with imagery and comes out seeming dry. There is no specific detail except for pictures of the bearded lady who became a tattoo lady because her lover couldn't square with the idea of kissing a gal with a beard.

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top reviewer

should have been more about her and less random footage of roller coasters. but good anyway.

top reviewer

Great old tattoos, and carnival scenes. Kind of far-out.

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I liked the way that Tom Palazzolo put this story together, particularly where he contrasts cuts of Riverview Park in all of it's glory with Riverview Park being demolished and falling into decay. The story of Jean Furella, the bearded lady turned tattooed lady due to love, makes for a sweet overview on top of the sadness of the park falling apart, like sugar to help the medicine go down. Very nicely done.

beautiful but very abrupt sound I thought it was great footage to give oneself up to

Weird and interesting.