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The Tango1905

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  • 3.3
True to its title, THE TANGO is a brief document of a tango. As was common for the era, the film is hand-tinted.



Member Reviews (4)

Fascinating to see dance documentation from this period. But, it's funny that the music used paired with this silent film is the wrong type of tango. This is flamenco. Within flamenco, there is a form called tangos. It's completely different from the Argentinian tango. The music for flamenco tangos has a different rhythm.

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Great short on a historical dance!

Lovely thing to see. But it is funny that whoever titled does not know the difference between a Tango and a Flamenco.

Great hand tinting on this old film. The picture is lovely and it's wonderful to see this historical snapshot. My only wish would be for a more fitting soundtrack (and some foley artists to do their magic).