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also known as The Whole Story

The Surge2009

Since the invasion in 2003, hundreds of thousands of troops from 40 countries had deployed to Iraq, but, by 2007, sectarian violence was on the rise and Iraq was descending into chaos. The situation was desperate and required a new strategy: the Surge. General Petraeus and over 20,000 additional combat troops were sent to Iraq. A year later, the rates of violence and sectarian killing had plummeted and the fledgling government of Iraq was gaining support. The mission to restore order in a failed state beyond all expectations. THE SURGE is a definitive account from those who were there. Every senior military officer and official who participated in the Surge was interviewed including Generals David Petraeus and Ray Odierno and Ambassador Ryan Crocker. They share their impressions, doubts and the rationale beyond their gut-wrenching decisions. They tell about the new programs they developed, the now-legendary "Sons of Iraq" and "Sunni Awakening."

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everyone interviewed for this film had already thoroughly disgraced themselves with their own actions by 2006