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The Stroll2003

  • 3.3
Today’s twenty-something Russians are the first generation in the country’s post-communist history to have grown up free. Their twenties are the age of freedom, of fast-changing events and intense emotions. Perhaps only at this age they can live a whole life in one day. A young girl and her two accident companions walk halfway around St.-Petersburg; they flirt and tease each other, and for ninety minutes they act out a real-time romantic drama. This stroll is full of laughter and tears against a backdrop of the hustle and bustle of the streets and some mystifying secret that keeps the audience in suspense. In the end, the mystery is resolved, forever uniting the story with the city. St. Petersburg has never been seen like this before. The city is not shown as a phantom, museum, specter or ruin. This is Petersburg on-line, a beautiful, busting city, in which young Russian Europeans live and suffer freely and easily.

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Member Reviews (3)

Very good film very imqual.unrise and its sepressed on its style how is was shot a sharp direction and impressive. a terrific Russian film that reminds me of Richard Linklaters Before Sunrise and its sequals.

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most of it just dialogs, but my head spin off after watching them walking for like 30 min!

Unbelievable, that either Petya or Alyosha would pick up Olya on the street and fall in love with her. Unbelievable that heavy-set Olya would not stir these guys' imaginations to project Olya's dumpy figure into the future--say, about twenty years, and form a picture of a fat, hysterical , irritating version of King Kong in bloomers. Unbelievable that these two guys settle on Olya, when there must be regiments of cover girl types in St. Petersburg . The whole movie is just unbelievable. This movie is a union of an unbelievable trio of jerks. The surprise ending tells us that the director of this movie is a misogynist on the model of Arthur Schopenhauer. Basically, Schopenhauer thought men can either love women or understand them--not both. We have to pretend here that Alyosha and Petya are so stupid that they could not know from the beginning that Olya is missing her high cards and should be avoided like plague.