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The Strangers Gundown1974

  • 3.4
With its horror-movie styling and ultra-violent nature, this perfect example of a Euro gothic western garnered an "X" rating on its initial Italian release. During the Civil War, three Confederate officers, leaders of a Confederate regiment, sell out to the Yankees, kill the sentries and allow the enemy troops to slaughter their whole company. One of their men, however, does not die. Left for dead, the Stranger (Anthony Steffen, Italy's answer to Clint Eastwood!) lies unconscious on the ground, severely wounded. Several years go by and, as though coming back from hell, the Stranger begins hunting down his enemies: the men that left him for dead. Is he a ghost, or just a man hell-bent on revenge?

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Member Reviews (10)

top reviewer

A stranger named Django is in town to kill everybody who's NOT named Django in this sweaty Italian western. It brings all of the crucial elements, from the soaring trumpet, the grimy color, the pile of corpses and the ruthless anti-hero. He's a real ice cube in the desert, a former soldier in the Civil War who's traded his Confederate grays for all black and is now on a revenge kick over a grudge from the old days. His targets are rich men who have plenty of hired muscle to protect them, which just means more bodies for Django to blow away. The cool thing is how director Sergio Garrone treats Django almost like a horror movie slasher. He makes Django a part of the shadows, a phantom-like presence who can disappear whenever he wants. Django also doesn't mind toying with his victims, some of whom are paralyzed with fear, before he pulls the trigger. It's good spaghetti, extra marinara.

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top reviewer

I have never seen such a great cinematic spaghetti western like this one it is a thrill ride from frame to frame and a must see never slow always moving with action!!!!!

the django movies just seem kind of flat to me. like there's a, i don't know, a sort of poetry that's missing that you find in the sergio leone movies. still worth a watch though.

This isn't the very top of the heap as far as spaghetti westerns are concerned, but it is near to it. Django (unoffically, anyway - this is not Franco Nero's Django) lays waste to a bunch of guys. Great camera work. Top notch atmosphere.

A few holes in the story but overall still fun. I expected it to be more violent based on the description (an X rating?) but maybe it's been edited. I like the horror aesthetics (low key lighting, music, chase, and use of shadows) and the outfits are great. The Luciano Rossi character is my favorite part of the film – he's so creepy. Also, it appears Clint Eastwood took some notes from this for High Plains Drifter (some of the scenes/ideas seemed so familiar I had to look it up to be sure) but I think High Plains Drifter is a lot better. This was still pretty good though!

Don't ask me why but for some reason I like these 1970s spaghetti westerns, would have been better with Clint Eastwood. Well done for the time. Marc

TOP Spaghetti Western. Best of the fake Django movies out there. Super atmospheric, but I can't quite fathom how it orignally got an X rating, unless this is heavily edited...

A decent enough spaghetti western, but not exactly Sergio Leone.

Wow. This is a stylish blend of weird west and samurai revenge as only Italy could do.