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The Soldier's Tale2007

  • 3.6
Penny Allen is an American filmmaker now living in Paris. On one of her flights back to Portland, Oregon, she met Sgt. R., on leave from duty in Iraq, who then proceeded to show her photos and movies made by his platoon of the daily patrols and horrors of the Iraq War. Penny asked if she might make a film about him and he agreed. THE SOLDIER'S TALE provides a unique insight into the war through Sgt. R.'s eyes. Because it is grounded in his personal experience, the distance one might feel from the war is erased and the full effect of the brutalities witnessed become evident. It is a testament to the power of (and the need for) intimate political cinema.

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Member Reviews (1)

A sour, rather exploitative effort for the 20 minutes I watched. The director tries to extract all the pain from the soldier to make her personal points. An unvarnished display of her anti-war sentiment.