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also known as Story of a Sniper

The Sniper of Kobani2015

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  • 4.6
Kurdish filmmaker Reber Dosky travelled through Kurdistan and visited the town of Kobani in Syria, close to the Turkish border. In Kobani, the fighting between Kurdish resistance and Islamic State has been particularly fierce. Islamic State attacked the town in October 2014 and many inhabitants fled to Turkey. The Turkish prime minister Erdogan refused to help the Kurdish fighters and (only after American air raids) the Kurds managed to recapture the town street-by-street. Today, Kobani is completely in ruins. Against this background, THE SNIPER OF KOBANI portrays the Kurdish fighter Haron. Haron is a sniper by profession. In the midst of the ruins, he shows his hide-out and reflects on his profession, his dreams as well as his nightmares in this unique portrait of the ongoing battle against Islamic State.

Member Reviews (5)

top reviewer

This will make you respect the sobriety of what is going on in Syria. I never thing of the level of personal sacrifice. I think the scene in the barber shop was especially powerful. All these men displaying respect for the sniper, and tacitly admitting to their own cowardice. Add this to "A thousand Times GoodNight" and you get an amazing picture of what is going on in Syria.

In 12 minutes the filmmaker captures what is in front and behind this man, while not larding it with his own perspective. Powerful.

The problem, I believe, in many modern documentaries is that they too often and too greatly reflect the filmmaker's views as opposed to accurately portraying the reality of a situation or issue. Not this doc. Simple filming, little intrusion and the audience is given a short glimpse into the life of a man who is devoting himself to his cause. A simple proposition with a powerful message.

In 12 minutes, this film conveys the horror and inhumanity of war far better than many longer documentaries on the same subject. It's sad, crushing, raw -- and beautifully made.

Great short documentary about a determined man fighting ISIS one bullet at a time.