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The Show-Off1954

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  • 3.1
Herk Harvey (CARNIVAL OF SOULS) is behind the camera in this educational film that illustrates the frustrations of fellow classmates with the high school show-off. Are there no limits? If the students can't get the school to enforce some sort of discipline, perhaps the parents can do a thing or two about it.


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Member Reviews (4)

Little miss goodie -two-shoes has a face made for a pie... lighten up little kiss ass

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The teachers and principal are copping out. They know who is causing the problems, they run the school - they should expel the troublemakers.

Films like this helped prompt an entire generation to rebel against authority. In some school districts, conservative boards of education would be only too happy to make modern versions of these character-stifling movies.

I would side with the fun boys! Party on Junior Class!!