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The Shadows2007

  • 2.9
Horror novelist Stephen Grimes is under pressure to complete his latest novel in time for its release date. His publisher and editor are breathing down his neck, his ex-wife is pressuring him about the divorce settlement and his sister keeps interrupting his flow. Then one fateful night, while out on a late night drive, Stephen accidentally hits a young man and rushes him to the hospital. Stephen learns that in a strange twist, the young man, Emett, shares his last name. A friendship quickly erupts into a passionate and heated affair, releasing Stephen into a life he's always held himself back from. Soon Stephen finds himself trapped in a sinister and dangerous plot hatched by Emett and his friends. The torrid love affair shows signs of cracking and something seems to be hiding in THE SHADOWS.

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First, let me say that I like the film. Having said that, many aspects of the film make it come across as a film student project, and it may be. If you understand that and can look past the films flaws, there is something really compelling here.

Most distractingly is the acting. The lead is not convincing (and sometimes awkward) in many scenes. I actually found that the antagonist of the film was more relatable. At two points, the film does sort of seem to devolve into a soft-core porn, but the plot necessitates them to some extent. If you can relate to the sexual scenes, they'll serve the purpose of drawing you in and making the protagonist's later suffering more comprehendible. If you can't relate to the sexual scenes, they may add to your disappointment in the film.

The fantasy scenes, initially stemming from Grimes' imaginative wandering on the novel, don't add much to the beginning of the film and they may work to confuse the viewer. Later the story comes together and in retrospect the scenes have their place; however, a first-time viewer doesn't have the power of retrospective and it's very easy to walk away from the film if you're not willing to hold out past the first fifteen minutes.

Seeing this film for what it is, a low budget independent drama, and for the fact that it comes across as an experimental riff on plot devices that feel pretty original (with the exception of focusing on a beleaguered horror novelist) ... I think it succeeds in its own way. It certainly didn't fail. That black moment made feel something for Grimes and I wanted him to resurrect as something new and better. And I think that's really the point of a good film and what makes the film likable.

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top reviewer

Mixed emotions... I stayed with it - even found it fascinating and enjoyable in

places. However, it was also a bit juvenile (Don't want to call it amateurish - as

the production really worked at being professional on a lot of levels and mostly

succeeded. But some of the story just rang false & juvenile was the word that

came to mind.). Depending on your level of expectations and genre choices - which, since you are already here I guess you are on board, you too will probably find the film fun & "fascinating" - if not a masterpiece... Not meaning to be facetious; while there are few classics in this genre, there are certainly some tried & true entrees I'd recommend. The brilliant first feature role of Daniel Day Lewis - "My Beautiful Laundrette" would be high on the list. The recent marvelous little Irish film "Cowboys & Angels" and several others - which can be perused by checking out LOGO or any of the other top 50 or 100 best gay film lists. Even the transgender genre has some brilliant entrees in recent years - beginning with the Oscar caliber ""Kiss of the Spider Women" and other recent significant films. My point - while "The Shadows" is OK - even amusing, and certainly lots of effort & love obviously went into it; the genre has some real heavy hitters, in recent years, and if you found it enjoyable you should really check them out!

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top reviewer

Interesting start. Then just watching it dig itself deeper and deeper into a rather messy hole.

Too much candy for a penny.

No, did not like.

Riveting, compelling, a bit of a Hitchcock approach. Loved it.

Totally surprised me! Superb acting. The storyline is really original and the twist very refreshing. Recommend!

Just too disconnected. I don't think I've ever seen a movie with a story line that made less sense.

I don't write reviews. I am sorry.

Ridiculously difficult to follow. I still don't know what the damn thing is about.