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The Seduction of Mimi1972

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  • 4.0
THE SEDUCTION OF MIMI is a raucous comedy that brought international fame to director Lina Wertmuller. Giancarlo Giannini gives a wonderfully comic performance as the sad sack Mimi, a Sicilian laborer whose refusal to vote for the Mafia's candidate leads him to lose his job, his wife and his home. At rock bottom, he revives his spirits by falling in love with the beautiful, radical Fiorella (Mariangela Melato), with whom he starts a new life as a reliable husband and father. But the past comes back to haunt him, piling on comical complexities as all his energies surge into defending his honor, an obsession that has horrendous but hilarious consequences. A blistering satire of Italy in the 1970s, THE SEDUCTION OF MIMI takes aim at a corrupt government, compromised labor leaders and the politics of men in power, with uproarious results.

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One of the most funny and true to life films, ithink, I've ever seen. Loved it.

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Zany but enjoyable. A kind of light-weight Brecht.

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One of the most funny and true to life films, ithink, I've ever seen. Loved it.

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Lina Wertmuller's The Seduction Of Mimi (1972) is a very disappointing film for me, after having viewed so many great Italian comedies from the 1960's. It is a very pretentious film, that is not at all convincing. It even lacks basic entertainment value, in my opinion. The utter pretentiousness grew increasingly outrageous until I was compelled to stop my viewing even before the film ended.

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Molto devertente, and Giannini is really charming -- he has the best repertoire of expressions, gestures and gazes. This is a great film about the social and cultural climate in Italy during the 70s -- the politics of sex, marriage, labor, and communism ... Giannini's character tries to adjust to all the "progress," but keeps having run ins with the most powerful family, Tricorico, identified by the constellation of three moles on the right cheek. Really good fun here.

Brilliant genuinely funny classic.


Funny and entertaining! 4 stars up!

Delightfully Wertmuller

Love the cinematography! Just beautiful and the direction, too!

This movie is pertinent even 40 years later....wonderful, integrates humor with the tragedies of life,

great, great

strange movie, interesting music

A solid Italian comedy. Wertmuller's character Mimi is the ultimate satire of what it means to be a Sicilian male and what honor means to Sicilians. I like the Italian title more though, I think it fits the film better: Mimí metallurgico ferito nell'onore (Mimi the Metalworker Wounded in Honor)