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The Secret of Wendel Samson1966

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  • 3.0
Shy Pop artist Wendel Samson (played by real Pop artist Red Grooms) can’t work up the nerve to break up with his boyfriend, so he has anonymous trysts with other men. Meanwhile, when his female friend Margaret pressures him into an intimate relationship, it sends Wendel spiraling into a nightmare world where he’s violently punished for his sexuality.
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top reviewer

Yes, it is amateurish and clumsy. But if you look beyond that, you will see one of the first films to actually address the gay experience from a gay point of view. Being pressured to conform, not giving in to that pressure, not being ashamed of who you are - just confused. Accepting yourself, carrying on with your life and seeing what the new day will bring. For 1966, this is a pretty radical statement. Give it another chance.

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top reviewer

Hopefully our "super powers" inside every one of us will not die as we try to cope with all the pressures coming down on us in society. This is an awesome film. Enjoy!

top reviewer

This was one of the most stupid movies I have ever watched . I have nothing more to add.

I really like Mike Kuchar's films. I loved the cinematography! Yes, the acting is a bit on the overwrought side, but I think he's going for a Douglas Sirk thing. The subject matter and presentation is pretty bold and innovative, considering that it was released pre Midnight Cowboy. The film also has pretty good production values, considering that it was low budget and Kuchar shot on film.

Important early gay-positive film. Fascinating.

This really sucked.

cant even get thrugh the first 5 minutes. bored to pieces. sorry

i like that it is from 1966 and there is a novelty to it.

I had to watch this film 3 times because of all the buffering..John Waters probably watched this 100's of times and used it as a template for his future movies..Anyway, no lessons learned, no real social value, but with a bit of shock value..Kind of like walking into your brothers bedroom and seeing him having sex with a transvestite..