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also known as Hafið

The Sea2002

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  • 3.4
THE SEA, a dark comedy in the vein of THE CELEBRATION, takes what we know of the family drama and spins it into an unexpected whirl of emotions with suprising revelations. Set against Iceland's majestic coast, an aging father summons his children home from various parts of the world to unload a secret that will cause long hidden resentments and desires to rise to the surface. This leads to a startling finale that will forever affect the whole family. Winner of eight Icelandic Academy Awards® and a hit at the Sundance and Toronto Film Festivals, THE SEA confirms Baltasar Komákur as one of the world's most exciting emerging filmmakers.
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Member Reviews (7)

top reviewer

Jagged and and nasty, "The Sea" lacks much continuity except for its aggravated emotions, and it culminates in a deflating explanation for the family gathering while our introductory knowledge undercuts the great fire by our knowing long beforehand how it was started. Only the sufficient spectacle of the fire rewards our eyes, while the resulting clog of people, cars, and animals best represents the movie as a whole: those indifferent, harried reindeer may best stand for the viewer's response too. Some characters, notably the grumpy, stagy grandmother and the girlfriend have their appeal, but they are all one-track presentations. Some cinematography, too—the naked swimming-pool love scene, the fire itself—make a visual mark but, chiefly, only as notable interludes. No doubting, however, that the performed anger, grudges, revenges boil enough to sustain some interest, but thwart any real understanding. For example, just what is the much alluded-to "fish quota" that motors economic competition in the movie. You can guess, you can google, but the movie won't bother to tell you its social crux. All and all, "The Sea" is a fish opera, without any beautiful singing.

top reviewer

Baltasar Kormakur's film held my attention, but it takes itself far too seriously. "The Sea" wants to be a dark comedy but is forced to present itself as a melodramatic potboiler.

top reviewer

A steady flow of anger, sarcasm, bitterness, demonstrations of greed and distress over getting one's money, in this film finally culminates into yet another steady flow: of violence, explosions, flames and hatred. Those that can, escape back to Europe, but the rest of this family are left dispersed, alienated and without solace. In between all of the above there was very little to inspire, or even evoke pity for depth of character--there was none. No honorary Bechdel badges here, either.

top reviewer

glad i don't live in Iceland_glad i'm not part of this family_sometimes funny sometimes ugly a crazy insane story_i really like the grandma, August & his girl friend_she's wonderful_so's the grandma

A depressing family drama that covers quite a lot------adultery, resentment, greed, incest.....Beautiful cinematography and powerful acting.

Compared to "The Celebration," this is a pretty blunt instrument—loud and sloppy.

Over the top, raw, a little chaotic. In your face. Funny and not......