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The Scavengers1959

  • 3.1
Vince Edwards first screen appearance (uncredited) was in Delmer Daves' DARK PASSAGE, a gritty noir adapted from a novel by David Goodis. Edwards is arguably best known as the lead in MURDER BY CONTRACT. THE SCAVENGERS, directed the following year by the underrated John Cromwell, is a solid B picture filmed in Hong Kong and the Philippines. Not quite up to the noir heights of neither the actor nor the director but still quite compelling all the same. Edwards stars as a former smuggler who goes to Asia to locate his missing wife. Unfortunately, his wife has fallen in with a bad crowd.

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Vince Edwards has been looking for his wife (Carol Ohmart) for 6 years. He finally finds her in Hong Kong, but she is mixed up and mixed up with the wrong crowd.

After going through a labyrinth of twists and turns (and lots of slapping), he eventually gets to the bottom of the situation. But can he trust his estranged partner?

There is some exciting action toward the end of the film, and a nice Noirish conclusion. And then they ruin it with a completely unrealistic happy ending.

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Fair to good noir, made watchable by the leading role played by charismatic Vince Edwards; I'm not a fan of codependency, and I didn't feel anything much for any of the leading characters, but it had its moments despite an improbable ending.

Wonderful indeed