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The Ride1963

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  • 2.7
From Gerald Potterton (director of the cult classic HEAVY METAL), this short film depicts the daydream of a chauffeur awaiting his employer. On a hot summer day, he begins to imagine that it's winter, the residential street where he's parked transforms into snowy mountains, and a series of comic misadventures begin. As the car is replaced by a toboggan, it carries the tycoon away on a dizzying ride. The chase includes some unforgettable antics in the snow, including a piggyback ride on an incredulous skier.



Member Reviews (3)

Recommended as nice cheesy comedy! I feel as though so much is captured here so well and the social commentary is seemingly still fresh. I found it to be a charming chuckle.

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A little silly but good example of what Canadian film makers were up to at the time.

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Standard slapstick situations relying on physical humor that unfortunately didn't come across as funny either. Someone else may like it.