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The Return1973

  • 3.5
A stranger (Peter Vaughan) shows up unannounced on the doorstep of a mansion that has remained empty for twenty years, save its lone housekeeper (Rosalie Crutchley). Though suspicious, she lets him in, believing he's a potential buyer for the estate. But his persistent questions about the tragedy that occurred here two decades earlier soon reveal a darker ulterior motive. He insists on staying overnight to discover who committed a wedding-night murder and finding out if its victim still haunts the premises. This London-shot chiller is based on a short story by Ambrose Bierce, the writer of the famous "An Incident at Owl Creek Bridge" whose own fate remains a mystery. Bierce vanished during a trip to Mexico in 1913, never to be seen or heard from again. Though director Sture Rydman directed few films, he had some first-class help here: his cinematographer was Douglas Slocombe, the legendary DP who shot classics including THE SERVANT, THE LION IN WINTER and RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. - Dennis Harvey

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Member Reviews (10)

top reviewer

Pretty doggone creepy. Boo!

top reviewer

Perfect, from the nation with all those creepy wicken names attached to things. "Wycliff" "Ipswich" "Warwickshire" "Wakefield."

Muriel gets her revenge. Very slow developing. Hang in there its a short film. Let the story come to you. Creepy with some unexpected twists. Rewarding if you stay with it.


spooky, eerie, and atmospheric this is a short film that ranks with the best of the twilight zone, outer limits and other classic series. I'd never heard of this short film before I saw it on Fandor but it deserves to be added to the canon of the supernatural classics.

Very engaging little movie. Good movie to enjoy with friends. It's short, sets up a great mood and has a nice punch.

Gothic mystery in not so jolly old England.Splendid acting Raises questions that go unanswered or do they? The dilemma is resolved however in a satisfying yet equally mysterious manner. Tea anyone? Jolly good flick if I say so myself.

Wonderful little short. It really gets to the ideal of Poe

Very good.

Interesting Short

Nicely creepy but, in my opinion, lacks some of the power of Bierce's original short story.