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The Republic of Rick2014

  • 2.8
Rick Launer, the Ambassador of the Republic of Texas club, spends his days at Alamo reenactments and haranguing United States mailmen to get off Texas soil. But when he takes things too far, he's jailed and kicked out of his beloved club. Out on bail with a warrant on his head, he manipulates a group of paranoid eccentrics to protect him from the hand of the oppressive government. As a modern day Alamo unfolds on national television, Rick must confront what it takes to be a true leader.

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top reviewer

So unfunny that I considered permanently disconnecting my Roku.

top reviewer

One of my favorite phrases from Monty Python’s Flying Circus was “And now, for something completely different.” Fandor offers this as a matter of course. The latest film I’ve enjoyed on the eclectic streaming site is a 1998 offering about fictional successionists of a real-life group, The Republic of Texas.

What a hoot! If you’ve enjoyed comedic mockumentaries like Waiting for Guffman and Best of Show, you’re primed for this. Even better if you’ve formed some ideas about our neighbor to the South (the Republic of Texas, that is) – and who hasn’t if they’re paying attention. I irregularly witnessed Republic of Texas rants, mostly unintelligible, blaring from the loudspeakers mounted on a pickup that would circle the State Capitol in Austin for an hour or three to proclaim the gubmints evils and calling for Independence. If only their RL followers were as inept as the amiable, and excellent cast of this film. Neither the players, nor the script, stoop to ridicule. The slightly over-the-top portrayal of some of the characters’ political, psychological, and religious delusions isn’t so far removed from the Comments section of your favorite online “news” site. Sets and costuming are photo-perfect. It’s a well-edited narrative, with a running time that’s just right to tell the tale (novellaish) and well worth the while.

Ends with a lime twist so if you’re enjoying it – stick around.