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The Rage in Placid Lake2003

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  • 3.7
Placid Lake (Ben Lee) has always been different. His crayon-eating, scientific genius of a best friend, Gemma (Rose Byrne) also has a few issues with blending in. As an odd fish in a sea of mediocrity, his brilliant ideas are bound to get him into more trouble than success. So when he finds himself in a tight spot with the school bullies who have been after him all his life, Placid decides to make a bid for the elusive normal life. To his parents' horror, he gets a low-level office job and is soon embracing conformity on the fast track to corporate success. But can Placid finally retire his rage in the pursuit of being just like everyone else? Or will his plan backfire?

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top reviewer

Sharp and witty, certainly a step up from a lot of the millennial young adult comedies that came out here. Some moments that are incredibly funny, Rose Byrne and Ben Lee make it worth the watch.