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also known as La reine des pommes

The Queen of Hearts2009

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  • 3.7
  • passes the bechdel test
Thirty-something Adele is devastated after a painful breakup. With no close friends or family, her distant cousin, Rachel, reluctantly takes her in and graciously attempts to salvage Adele's personal and professional lives. Rachel finds her a job and suggests that Adele sleep with other men to get over her heartbreak. Adele bounces from one lover to the next in search of her perfect companion but can't escape the visage of her ex. Finally, she recognizes the man who may just hold the answer to her broken heart.



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This is actually quite a good film, directed by, written by, starring in, and music by Valerie Donzelli. If you watch closely, you will see that all her boyfriends are the same actor. Adele is a little unstable, looking for a consumate love that will justify her existence. Along the way, she meets a variety of men. There is even a quirky sex scene. (Is that a recommendation?)

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The things we do for love. She had to go from one guy to the next, and then the next...and they were really all just the same guy...literally. The story goes like that, Adele has to find herself through love. And she shares that one awesome most embarrassing moment of her life that is the most fun scene of the film. It was lovely to see the tender and strong bond between Adele and her cousin Rachel. Really beautiful.

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really funny really sweet_Adele (Valerie) is wonderful_it's all so sweet even though i don't like singing in film