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also known as La cauchemar du Fantoche

The Puppet's Nightmare1908

  • 3.7
The nightmare of Émile Cohl’s chalk animation is one of unreliable appearances. Fishermen catch fish which eat them whole. Ladders transform into coils which just as suddenly take the form of angry mustachioed soldiers. The human figure at the receiving end of these transmogrifications is subject to all manner of degradations. Genuinely unsettling, THE PUPPET’S NIGHTMARE anticipates Don Hertzfeldt’s stick-figure fantasias by a century.

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Member Reviews (2)

The content in this one is the best of three "animation/chalk" shorts by Emile Cohl. The condition of the film is the worst of the three. The music in this film doesn't add anything and almost prefer the silence of "Fantasmagoria."

My experience with animation this early is not broad, yet I can state with certainty that if this film were longer, it would be a prime contender for "Films I would least like to watch while stoned."