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The Private Life of Henry VIII1933

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  • 3.7
Charles Laughton gulps beer and chomps on mutton in his first of many iconic screen roles, as King Henry VIII, the ultimate anti-husband. Alexander Korda's first major international success is a raucous, entertaining, even poignant peek into the boudoirs of the infamous king and his six wives.

Member Reviews (3)

OK, don't expect an accurate history lesson here. But Charles Laughton is larger than life and magnificent.

A crazy wonderful film with very little regard for historical truth but with tons of panache. What a great actor Laughton was. And what a great comedienne was Lancester.

A true forgotten treasure - one of the best I've seen on the subject of King Henry VIII - Historical but even more surprising, "funny" and delightful (with an unexpected ending which will take you by surprise). Not to be missed