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The Poor Little Rich Girl1917

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  • 3.6
Selected to the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress, THE POOR LITTLE RICH GIRL is one of Pickford's most fascinating films. Gwendolyn, a poor little rich girl, is neglected by her parents, who are more interested in the pursuit of social and financial status than their daughter's well-being. Left to the care of servants, Gwen is treated harshly and when her nurse wants an evening off, is carelessly given an overdose of sleeping potion.

Member Reviews (1)

Yes I'm back reviewing another Mary Pickford movie this is one of the first mary pickford movies made when she plays a young girl of 11 when she dosen't grow up to being a young lady the story takes place over just a couple of days around this lonely girls 11th birthday she just wants the love and attention of her parents who always seem to have more important things to do,she is given some medicine by the servants so they can go out but she is given to much the parents find out and as there daughter gets sicker they realise what is most important in there lives,it's a story told many time but mary and the cast do a great job and the music is done well.