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The Persons Unknown1980

  • 3.5
Producer Gordon Carr followed up on his BBC documentary THE ANGRY BRIGADE with this concise look at the “Persons Unknown” trial (so-called because the state charged members of the Anarchist Black Cross group with “conspiring with persons unknown, at places unknown, to cause explosions and to overthrow society”). A fascinating snapshot of history in the making, THE PERSONS UNKNOWN pieces together an intricate web of radicals at a thriller’s pace. Carr crisply relates the correspondences of a Black Cross secretary and imprisoned Irish republican and reaches all the way back to the Paris Commune to discuss the secretive, internationalist elements of radical leftist politics. Where mainstream media tends to become hysterical where anarchism is concerned, THE PERSONS UNKNOWN remains keenly factual throughout. Among those featured in the film are Stuart Christie, publisher of the "Black Flag" newsletter and former would-be Generalisimo Francisco Franco assassin, and the anarcho-punk group Crass.

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