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also known as Last Party 2000

The Party's Over2001

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  • 4.2
THE PARTY'S OVER follows Philip Seymour Hoffman as a concerned citizen on an uncensored journey on the state of democracy in America. The film examines how the American political process addresses (and often fails to address) the country's most pressing issues. In the countdown to the pivotal 2004 election, the film answers the question: is there a difference between Republicans and Democrats? In the film Philip Seymour Hoffman interviews Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Jesse Jackson, Rudy Giuliani, Michael Moore and Bill Maher.



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"...briskly assembled and packed with information on issues that remain relevant today." - Keith Phipps, A.V. Club

Member Reviews (2)

Well informed kids can make a difference. Democracy is US Not for sale (petroleum)! But Americans are seduced by prosperity. Open bribery. Ten Commandments should be posted in every school! Charlton Heston shoots down his Moses role! Razzle Dazzle! Do any kids know the Ten Commandments today! Or do their parents much less live by them! Affirm a better nation. View this flic to re-educate yourself! Take a swig! Willie Nelson on Whiskey River. Razzle Dazzle. Clinton quote. Seems so glorifyingly ultra superscopic!

i enjoyed the rage i felt watching this movie. it's already 12 years old and dated, yet, the stuff they're covering has yet to be truly addressed!! ain't that amerika? WY!