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also known as Berg-Ejvind och hans hustru | Eyvind of the Hills | You and I

The Outlaw and His Wife1918

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  • 4.2
A masterpiece of Swedish silent cinema, Victor Sjöström's THE OUTLAW AND HIS WIFE is a film of remarkable psychological complexity which bore a profound influence on the work of Ingmar Bergman and Carl Theodor Dreyer. When a mysterious stranger (played by Sjöström) is hired on at a farm by its widowed owner (Edith Erastoff, who would later become Sjöström's wife), a romantic bond quickly forms. But the man's troubled past foils their chances at happiness and forces them to seek refuge in the nearby mountains. Sjöström's masterful use of landscape is visually and dramatically stunning, particularly in the film's latter half as the couple battles both their pursuers and nature itself, culminating in an unforgettable climax.



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This early Victor Sjöström work experiments with how the camera can be used to play with time periods. D.W. Griffith had already spearheaded parallel editing in films like A CORNER IN WHEAT, but here the fidelity to temporal relationships between scenes seems to break down a bit. Flashbacks are present, and long stretches of time are omitted with changes in makeup and costume giving us the information that we missed. Sjöström's A MAN THERE WAS from the year before may have had more impressive shots of nature and wilderness, but I think the structure of THE OUTLAW AND HIS WIFE is a bit more interesting and important.

Using nature and economic inequality as a commentary on 18th century Sweden. Made in 1918 and ahead of its time.

amazing film!!