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The Outlaw1943

  • 3.1
Pat Garrett wants to trap and cage legendary outlaw Billy the Kid. But Billy is wise to the lawman's scheme and lies low at Doc Holliday's ranch. Trouble begins to brew between the two friends when The Kid falls for Doc's lover, Rio. Although Billy is responsible for the death of Rio's brother, she falls for the outlaw and the two marry on the sly. But the betrothed couple has a volatile relationship and as the trio runs from Garrett and his gang of lawmen. They quarrel among themselves, making it difficult to escape. Directed by the legendary Howard Hughes (with Howard Hawks serving as the uncredited co-director) THE OUTLAW made Jane Russell's career.

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Member Reviews (1)

Jane Russell looks and body were a joy to watch despite her acting deficiencies. Jack Beutel looked way better than Billy the Kid ever did but he should have played him as a mute. Thomas Mitchell and Walter

Husten were a little more believable but just a little. Yet somehow I kept watching until the end. I can't delineate why.