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The Old Oregon Trail1928

  • 3.1
This independent silent western, shot on location in Northern Oregon, begins with late 19th century settlers moving westward. When roving horse thieves attack their wagon train, the settlers are miraculously saved by a passing trio of happy-go-lucky cowpokes (including the seldom-sober "Calamity Joe"). Years later, the reunited parties face new perils. New Zealand-raised Victor Adamson was a busy director, producer and actor for decades in the "Poverty Row" industry on Hollywood's fringes, spending nearly all his career in westerns like this one. He is primarily remembered today as the father of Al Adamson, who famously (or infamously) built his own little empire of grindhouse and drive-in cheapies in the 1960s and 1970s with such classics as DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN and SATAN'S SADISTS. THE OLD OREGON TRAIL is one of many low-budget features that the senior Adamson made with various actors performing under the pseudonym "Art Mix," whose name not-at-all-coincidentally bore resemblance to early western superstar Tom Mix (and, at one point, the more famous Mix even sued Adamson for copyright infringement). Here, Adamson does the honors himself, his "Art Mix" cutting a handsome figure as Calamity Joe. His pretty leading lady is none other than the off-screen Mrs. Adamson, Dolores Booth. - Dennis Harvey

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